PWPTK 2018 Will Be Followed by 70 Indonesian Universities

PWPTK 2018 Will Be Followed by 70 Indonesian Universities– Perkemahan Wira Karya Perguruan Tinggi Keagamaan (PWPTK) to 14th years 2018 will be hold in UIN Suska Riau and followed by 70 religious universities under the auspices of the Ministry of Religious Affairs throughout Indonesia. Beside the 70 universities, PWPTK will also attend by The Islamic University from Malaysia, Thailand and Brunei Darussalam.

Vice Rector III for student Affairs and Cooperation Dr Tohirin revealed PWPTK not for only Islamic universities. “Campus that is Buddhist and Hindu will also participate,”he said when met at the Rectorate Fourth Floor, Tuesday (27/02/2018).

He explained not only the Religious College in Indonesia, UIN Suska will be the host for the colleges from other countries. “They as our invited guests,”he explained.

Apart from the universities, the Chief Executive of PWPTK, Aulia Syukri also revealed there are some representatives of the schools participating in this event. “All of the children scout will be joined too, “he said.

Tohirin added among the 70 participating universities, those who will be represented are 20 people which consists of 10 male students and 10 female students. “There are probably 2,500 people because there will be vice rectors and some employees, “he added.

Author: Wulan Rahma Fanni

Editor: Kiki Mardianti


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