APK Request Five Demands

Author: Nadya Nur Rahmah**

Gagasanonline.com- Students of the State Islamic University of Sultan Syarif Kasim Riau on behalf of the Alliance of Campus Fighters Alliance (APK) conducted the public stage to demand the revised results of the tuitition fee (UKT). Not only that, the APK also rejected restrictions on night activities throughout the campus environment on Thursday (03/14/2019).

Field coordinator (Korlap) APK public stage, Haris Oki Adi Supinta said that many of the students’ friends quit college due to the high UKT which was received. “There is no negotiation from the rector on the revision of the UKT,” Haris said while giving a speech at the first floor of the Rectorate Building.

Haris explained that this public stage demands five points against the rector. This demand was in the form of rejecting restrictions on night activities, repairing damaged campus roads, distributing alma mater, immediately issuing revised UKT results, and carrying out continuity of UKT revision solutions.

“If you do not meet us, we will continue to demonstrate in this Rectorate building,” said Haris.

The Chairperson of the Student Executive Board of UIN Suska, Yudhi Utama Tarigan said that this action was the last form of student aspirations. “There is no negotiation. If it is not continued, we will bring all this to court,” said Yudhi when interviewed after the free forum.

In addition, Yudhi hopes that UIN will make better wisdom and involve students in the policy-making process. “In the future there will be communication between students and the Rector. If not, this action will continue,” he concluded.

Translator: Wulan Rahma
Editor: Azizah

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